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I offer Spiritual Counseling to anyone who wants to expand their awareness and create greater alignment with Spirit. This process can support you to release limiting blocks, raise your awareness, and raise your energy, so you can return to the Loving of your heart.

Let me emphasize that I am only a conduit and do not clear anything myself. At the beginning of each session, and often during, I pray for the presence of John-Roger’s energy, the preceptor and Christ consciousness’, the Holy Spirit, which creates an openness for Spirit to do the work…always for the highest good of all concerned.

Jesus brings in the Loving presence of J-R with his wonderful humor, ease and grace which allows for the profound healing from spirit to take place in a lighthearted and mystical way. Jesus is a wonderful proof of what many talk about but few manage to show: That joy is a true sign that spirit is present! He is a great source of inspiration in reminding us about J-R’s true teachings in a unique way and I really enjoyed and found great value in working with Jesus!
— Åsa Odbäck, author of Heart-quakes, Fika That! Dad’s playbook, The garden if the soul and other children’s books.
I have known Jsu Garcia since we met on the USSR tour back in 1988. I have experienced being with him and the Twaji, the wisdom of the Traveler. He approaches his counseling with the humor, the honesty, and the magic that comes from who he is, tempered with the wisdom and knowledge he gained with spending decades with a Living Master. I highly recommend him and his counseling work.
— Richard Powell, Life Coach
In a peaceful way Jesus opens his heart to assist you with love and understanding, allowing the spiritual light to shine in all your levels, so you begin to listen your words of wisdom from your inner guide, enlightening you and lifting you. The grace is present, the forgiveness has been given, and the purity of your heart glows strong and alive guiding you, showing you your next step in your souls travel.
— Yoci Touche
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