The Love of a Master

“Through divine love we see things in their proper place. Then we simply use our will to recognize it.”

John-Roger, DSS  |  Mystical Traveler & Preceptor

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My intention is to create a web of "Light Houses," holding book, film and seminar events in the communities of MSIA Ministers and Initiates around the world. I spent 26 years being in Satsang with John-Roger. Now my ministry is connecting with others who are also in the Traveler’s energy, so we can sit in Satsang with John-Roger together. I always invite J-R’s energy to be present with us.

Some of these events are short talks and audience Q&A based on my new book, "The Love of a Master.” The longer events are anywhere from 4 or 5 hours to 12-hour marathons, and may include a full or partial screening of the movie “Mystical Traveler: The Life and Times of Dr. John-Roger;” one or several J-R video seminars; and a Q&A/book-signing.

Please enjoy my travels


“I’ve heard John-Roger say to me that we are conductors of divine energy.”

Jesus Garcia, DSS  |  Spiritual Counselor & Author


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“It is man’s nature not to give but it is the HU-man’s nature to give. It is the spiritual man’s nature to give.” 

-  John-Roger, DSS  |  Mystical Traveler & Preceptor

“Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding.” 

-  Albert Einstein | Philosopher & Scientist

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