Single: TLOAM Virtual Tour in Nigeria 2019

Single: TLOAM Virtual Tour in Nigeria 2019

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Dear Spiritual Family,

I've received inner guidance from Spirit to offer the Love of a Master Virtual Tour Nigeria as well. Tour, August 18–31, 2019, as an online-only option. Come join me vicariously, in real time, for 13 days of The Love of a Master Tour in Nigeria. As your schedule allows, you can follow along from my point of view as I visit Lagos and Port Hardcourt, be part of the J-R Marathons screenings live, tune in to the Satsang workshop gatherings with the communities. Participate by joining the private Facebook group, from the comfort of your own home. There will be many opportunities to experience a full immersion into the Love within. Expand your awareness and align more with Spirit. Explore karmic dreams and premonitions. Learn techniques to turn your failures into gifts and blessings.

Focus on completion in this world. Cultivate your direct knowing and intuition. Return to the Loving of your own heart. Through my travels, I provide an environment filled with awareness and alignment to the Spirit. I pray for the Divine Light of God and the energy of John-Roger, the Christ, and Holy Spirit to assist throughout all aspects of the Tour, then Spirit uses me as a minister of Light and an initiate of J-R.

The intention of the 2019 Virtual Nigeria Tour is to raise awareness of our Travelers, John-Roger and John Morton, uplift the energy on the planet, release our individual blocks, and return to the Loving, for the Highest Good. This is a wonderful way to travel with me at a fraction of the cost for the in-person itinerary. Each participant's total donation, paid in full, is only $200 ($20 a day for 10 days); or just $350 per couple. For that, you will get the entire guided tour experience virtually—with no international airplane flights, jet lag, hotels, or restaurants to deal with! I joyfully invite you to come join me in Nigeria, wherever you are.

Things you'll need:  

1. A Facebook account.

2. Once you've paid, click this link to join the private Facebook Group called, "The Love of a Master Virtual Tour Nigeria 2019”:

3. Videos and instructions to follow the Tour will be posted and archived in the Facebook group.

4. Open to all, including those who participate in MSIA.

5. Eat, hydrate and stay virtually cool! Most of all, take care of yourself first so you can take care of others. 6. Leave the rest to J-R and God. In J-R's

Light and Loving,Jesus Garcia, D.S.S.