The Love of a Master

The Love of a Master
Author: Rev. Jesus Garcia, D.S.S.


“I have completed the reading of your book on the Love of a Master.
Every sentence in the book shows your intense devotion to your Master. Spiritual Masters operate as ordinary human beings as well as superhuman beings at the same time. To attend on and take care of such a unique person is not easy and presents several challenges. Suddenly he needs something like an ordinary person and suddenly he is Master of All and needs nothing but is fulfilling the needs of others. Jsu you did a great job in taking care of J-R! I commend your Seva! You have set an example for others to follow. I send you my love and Great Master’s Blessings

- Ishwar Puri ”


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“If you’re looking for an account that honestly portrays the relationship between a True Master and one of his most devoted disciples, you have hit the jackpot. In this book you will find many examples, most of them quite unusual, occurring over a 26 year span of time, demonstrating the often arduous, but always Loving, experiences of two souls, J-R and Jsu, who have devoted themselves to the single purpose of the True Upliftment of all.”

- Ron Hulnick, President, University of Santa Monica and co-author with Mary R. Hulnick, of Loyalty To Your Soul: The Heart of Spiritual Psychology, and, Remembering The Light Within: A Course In Soul-Centered Living

”We love this book. Jesus takes us on a behind-the-scenes tour of John Roger’s life and teaching, weaving humour, anecdotes, honesty, personal transparency and devotional insights. It is much more than a book of words; it is an invitation into the frequency of Love that John Roger represents. Thank you, Jesus and thank you, J-R.” 

– Hollie Holden, artist, and Robert Holden, Ph.D., author of Shift Happens!, Authentic Success, Loveability, Holy Shift! and Life Loves You, co-written with Louise Hay

A delightfully honest and candid chronicle of a man’s journey, navigating his outer and inner worlds while being intimately touched by a master spiritual form. A great read! 

- David Allen Author, Getting Things Done: the Art of Stress-Free Productivity



”This is an amazing book about the travels and growth of two of my good friends - J-R and Jsu. If you want to know the ups and downs of working with a spiritual master and basking in the unconditional loving that is present, absorb this book. Some, who have not had the direct experience that Jsu and others have had, may question what is written. I suggest you suspend disbelief and let what is written and the energy behind it come into your consciousness — even for just a moment. You may tap into the greater You, that is always available but not always focused upon.

- Gregory Stebbins